Display of the TARGET/ACTUAL rooms and locations in the app

And what you have to keep in mind when editing.


The ACTUAL and TARGET locations as well as rooms can be displayed and made editable in the app.

Therefore the visibility in the app must be activated for the ACTUAL and TARGET room in the web-version:

  • First navigate to "Settings", "Field definitions (Objects)" and search for the field "Target room"
  • Click on the "pencil icon"
  • Now activate "Visible in App" Button

  • Proceed in exactly the same way for the Target room field.

Tipp: You only need to edit the Target and actual ROOMS. The matching locations will be added automatically.


  • Now you will see the following in the app in the detailed view of an object: 

    Here you can now make manual changes to the target and actual location/room.


Attention: If you copy an object, the app takes over all object details including the TARGET and ACTUAL data. Even if you have already made a different preselection.

So remember to always check the TARGET/ACTUAL room and location again if you work with copied objects.