How are the CO2 savings calculated in the Circularity Hub?

Here you can find out how the CO2 savings in the Circularity Hub were calculated and which values serve as the data basis.

Inventories sold through the Circularity Hub were mostly scrapped in the previous process. If these devices are now reused, fewer new devices have to be produced, whereby CO2 would be emitted.

Since one less new device has to be produced for each inventory sold, its emissions during production can be represented as CO2 saved with Circularity Hub.


CO2 emissions per category

A statement of CO2 savings always refers to approximate values. These are taken in seventhings at the level of the product categories. The following CO2 savings are assumed for the various categories:

  • Furniture = 34,41 kg CO2e
  • IT = 273,44 kg CO2e  
  • Home appliances = 229,18 kg CO2e
  • Clothing = 23,5 kg CO2e
  • Motor Vehicles = 14000 kg CO2e

To make the exact calculation of these values including the underlying sources transparent, you can find the Excel calculation here:

CO2 Savings