How can I change the format of date, time and time zone?

The users in your seventhings inventory manager work from different time zones? In addition, you would like to adjust the date format? In this article you will learn about the settings you need to adjust here.


We offer you to use different formats for displaying date and time in the seventhings inventory manager. In addition, the time can be automatically converted for the corresponding time zone.

⚠️  Make sure you set the correct time zone:

  • All our times are stored in UTC and then converted per user setting.
  • It is therefore important that the time zone is set accordingly per user so that the time stamp is set correctly.


This is how you get to the settings:


1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner

2. Go to the user settings:


3. Click in the dropdown menus to date format, time format and time zone, set your preferences & click 'Update'


Note: All dates in the import process are assigned to the time zone "Coordinated Universal Time" (short: UTC)and converted accordingly into the time zone of the user profile settings to display them.