How can I see if the objects in the app are synchronized?

The synchronization shows you whether all the data in your app is up to date.

The app and the web application of the seventhings inventory manager work hand-in-hand. All changes in the app are accordingly synchronized directly with the software.

Note that only objects are synchronized from the web application to the app. A new login in the app is required for the synchronization of locations or fields.

If you notice, for example, that data changed in the app has not yet been transferred to the software, a quick look at the settings can help. That's how it works:


1. Open the app and log in

2. iOS: Click on the Settings icon in the lower right corner
    Android: Click the menu bar in the upper left corner

iOS:                                                                          Android



3. Click on Status

iOS:                                                                       Android:



Under Sync from server you can see when the last synchronization took place and thus whether your objects in the app are up to date.


If there are problems here and no synchronization takes place, check whether you are connected to the Internet and use WiFi access if possible. Also check whether your password or your user name has been changed.