What's new: 13.Dezember, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



  • SAP
    • further technical adjustments after testing with pilot costumer
    • added a script to set maximum length of SAP fields
    • duplicate entries in the synchronization queue are now prevented
    • it is now possible to read the date of the last update of the object
    • the log messages can now be filtered and the filter can also be reset
  • Circularity Hub
    • CSV reports can be generated from placed orders
    • the list of orders is now sorted in descending order (newest order on top)
    • individual sales prices are shown separately in the order (and in the e-mail)
  • the widely used open source web analytics platform "Matomo" has been set up for all instances



  • it is now possible not only to read but also to write the field definitions via API
  • the API documentation was extended by an example for filters
  • import and export templates still containing ITEXIA were replaced by seventhings


  • Circularity Hub
    • optimized view for smaller screens
    • fixed a bug where restored objects were no longer displayed in Circularity Hub
  • fixed a bug where downloading rooms was no longer possible
  • fixed a bug where the link to the knowledge base in the messages was not correct


  • [in progress] Research and documentation for Active Directory
    • already first users created and successfully logged already first users created and successfully logged in