What's new: 15./17. November, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



  •  SAP
    • all preparations for the first data exchange between seventhings and SAP have been done
    • our partner SQL Ag still has some To Do's open
    • first test of the data exchange with a pilot customer is planned
    • the feature is only visible on the pilot test instance for the time being
  • Circularity Hub
    • Release on November 17th 2022
    • renaming of Second Life took place → Circularity Hub / pre-loved assets
    • Circularity Hub (CH)  is now also visible for free trial users
    • selling price in CH detail view was displayed more prominently and made editable
    • automatic selling price is calculated for all inventories at the same time
    • a security question after order completion / cancellation has been implemented
  • [in work] new frontend ULTRON