What's new: September 16, 2021

Release Notes and Updates




  • Detail views can now be closed with the ESC key
  • Objects
    • Search bar:
      • from now on configured text & long text fields can be searched


      • the field definition has been extended accordingly:




  • Images:
    • from now on an image preview can be opened directly from the list
    • Images are now opened in a modal instead of a new tab
      • also affects the detail view




  • Import / Export
    • *.csv files are now pre-filtered for a template upload in the file browser 
    • a loading bar has been added and the page in the background is locked until the upload is finished




  • Field Definition (Objects)
    • from now on the group can be maintained with preselection, i.e. you can see the values that already exist for the field and select them accordingly







  • Import / Export
    • the translation for English was adjusted
  • inventories / rooms / locations
    • opening the detail view via an external link now correctly redirects to the list with the open detail view






  • fixed a bug where you didn't get correct feedback when trying to delete a location that still had rooms assigned to it
  • fixed a bug that caused a second "delete" button to appear in the object list
  • fixed a bug that caused the "more" button to appear even if no more locations were selected
  • fixed a bug where the list view could not be used correctly in combination with filtering