What's new: 21. February, 2023

Release Notes and Updates



  • Diamond Converter
    • Support of "ZA record" for additional fields
    • Fixed a Bug of the missing last element
  • Circularity Hub
    • Multiple images can now be displayed
    • The billing address has been integrated into the purchase process
    • Pilot customers for refurbishers are recruited via a banner
    • The seventhings price suggestion has been integrated in the order overview
    • The statistics have been automated on a global level
    • Fixed a bug where C-Hub users could see the menu" PDF reports"
    • A bug was fixed where the filter for the sales price did not work correctly
  • [in progress] Azure AD
    • First roll-out on a test instance
    • Successful connection of the seventhings AD



  • the System Settings page reloads after changing the language