What's new: June 2, 2022

Release Notes and Updates





  • Rework to translations on instances in English language.
  • following features are now available from license level Advanced:
    • Observe objects incl. reminder field
    • Role management
    • Filter for file export


  • Highlighting the reminder field with a small bell:



  • txt templates can now be used when creating export files




  • Style customizations
    • naming for 'assign user role'
    • missing empty lines in profile settings
    • field size adjustments in 'field type' area
    • adjustments in the 'notification for observing objects' area




  • Rework Role Management
    • User without any rights could still see the import/export area → is now fixed
  • "Select all" function
    • fixed a bug where not all objects were checked when you scrolled down
    • fixed a bug where the indication of the number of selected objects was not correct