What's new: April 14, 2022

Release Notes und Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features





  • :blue_star: new feature:  observe inventories :blue_star: 
    • Beta feature in Premium and Enterprise license levels included
    • Objects can now be monitored by users
    • Users receive a notification when something has changed regarding the objects


Role management:

  • :blue_star:  new feature: role management :blue_star:
    • Beta feature in Premium and Enterprise license levels
    • roles with different user rights can be created and assigned to users
    • there are two default roles, which are initially assigned but can also be edited




Search function:

  • it is now possible to search for the scancode/barcode in the search field. For this purpose, the function "included in search bar" has been added in the field definition.


Field Types:


  • Field type:
    • the field type for the function 'Link inventories' has been renamed to "linked objects"
    • the icons for the field types link, attachment and linked objects have been adjusted




  • an error was fixed where for the field type Yes/No the value in the list view was not output correctly
  • an error was fixed where the group (within the field definitions) could not be changed after the first selection
  • fixed a bug where the integration tests for authentication failed
  • fixed a bug where it seemed to be possible to change the field type, but then only found grayed out field types