What's new: April 8, 2021

Release Notes and Updates



  • Imports: Automatic detection of line endings and corresponding processing
    • marking of line endings in a csv file are handled differently depending on the operating system
    • we have now integrated that this is determined based on the csv file at hand and then processed accordingly instead of expecting the previous standard


  • Revision of the sample data for the initial setup of a customer instance
    • to make it easier for new users to understand the system, we have now made some improvements to the initial sample data


  • Extension of acceptance tests
    • in order to further increase the software quality, we have equipped some areas with automatic acceptance tests, which are supposed to ensure (especially during development) that already existing functionalities still meet the requirements after code adaptations
    • we now also test the following areas:
      • /system-status (logged in and logged out)
      • the system-status-detail page
      • individual reports
      • payment data
      • payment steps


  • Links in e-mail delivery adapted to https
    • to ensure the security of the calls, we have now ensured that only https links are used in the system e-mails





  • When mapping fields for import, internal system error messages have been improved


  • renamed "ITEXIA GmbH" in the header to "ITEXIA"
    • in the right area of the header now only "ITEXIA" is displayed


  • Improvement of the error messages in the location import
    • to improve the user experience, we have now revised some error messages and improved their clearness


  • Improvement of error handling & output during mass processing of objects
    • to improve the user experience, we have now added some error messages, revised them and made them more understandable





  • Upload of documents is now displayed in the correct category
    • there was a bug that caused documents to be displayed in the wrong category right after their upload


  • Display of the license in the "About" modal
    • there was an error that caused that the correct license was not displayed at this point


  • Workaround for unpacking backups
    • there was a bug that may have caused a backup to not be created or restored correctly


  • availability of the login page is now ensured
    • there was a bug that in some circumstances did not allow access to the login page after setting up a customer instance