What's new: August 11, 2021

Release Notes and Updates



  • Objects detailed view: Extension of the error message
    • from now on an overall error message with a hint to the affected field will be displayed below the image

    • this should facilitate the search for the error as well as the cover of the use case that the affected field was hidden via the field definition

  • Inventory list: Load spinner
    • from now on a loading symbol is displayed during mass processing






  • Import: Extension of the validations to the template
    • from now on it is also checked if the same column names with different upper / lower case are used
    • e.g. "updatedon" and "updatedOn" → this will be handled and the user will be informed accordingly


  • payment methods / Stripe connection: removal of SEPA direct debit
    • from now on you can only pay via credit card


  • Field definitions: Validation of default values
    • in order to avoid subsequent errors within the application and to facilitate maintenance, we have made some adjustments in the editing of the field definitions
    • from now on the following field types can only be assigned a valid default value
      • Link





  • Fixed an error related to the new Excel download