What's new: February 24, 2022

Release Notes and Updates




:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features

  • :green_star: Storage of the original RFID tag on each asset → this will be needed for a future app version
  • :blue_star: the license package has been extended with the beta feature "Refactored Frontend". The "About Modal" has been replaced by a corresponding component




  • Objects / Rooms - Lists
    • Optimization of the naming of the "Delete all" button (after setting a filter) → the button is now called " Clear all filters".
  • Import / Export
    • Optimization of room number output in file export
  • Field Definition (Objects)
    • Optimizations of the "Userlist" field type
      • if only first name filled: first name (e-mail address) appears
      • if only last name filled: last name (e-mail address) appears
      • if nothing filled: (e-mail address) appears
  • User
    • Rights management for exports removed while this is still in beta status
  • General
    • our new company address now also appears in the emails
  • Beta-Features
    • The beta feature "Duplicate objects" has been removed at the current level and is leaving beta status.
    • The beta feature "Rooms: Replace Values" has been taken off in the current level and leaves the beta status




  • fixed an error when creating a field definition where double-clicking the 'Create field' button created the field twice
  • fixed a bug where the user was not displayed in the "Rooms" and "Objects" overviews in the system fields
  • fixed a bug where filtered objects were not displayed and it was necessary to move the cursor over the line first
  • fixed a bug where the "Calculation" and "Number printout" field types were selectable
  • fixed a bug where the object names in the filters were not sorted correctly by alphabet
  • fixed a bug where the export could not be performed correctly if no currency symbol was specified in the "Acquisition price" field
  • fixed a bug where images were duplicated on the asset when uploading the image via "Replace values" for multiple assets at once
  • fixed a bug where the English translation was missing in some functions
  • fixed a bug where group names of field definitions were not displayed correctly in different places
  • fixed a bug where fields in the "Replace values" section could not be selected after cancellation
  • fixed a bug where older backups could no longer be imported