What's new: June 2, 2021

Release Notes and Updates



  • Integration tax rates for Stripe
    • from now on the tax rates are transferred to Stripe
    • customers outside Germany now have to provide their VAT ID


  • Reference to VAT in the selection of license packages
    • from now on customers are informed throughout the order process that the prices are without VAT


  • Revision of the image upload
    • to improve performance, we now generate a thumbnail when uploading photos





  • Individual report: output of the file name
    • if an image no longer exists on the hard disk, the file name is now displayed in the Individual Report





  • Individual report: revision of the photo output
    • we have corrected the handling of photos in the output, so that now images are always output and do not get stuck in long loading cycles anymore


  • Mandatory field marker on files restored
    • the little star for mandatory fields is now correctly displayed in the corresponding fields again