What's new: June 23, 2021

Release Notes and Updates



  • Revision of the image output
    • to improve the performance we have changed the technique behind the image output


  • Event log (accessible via dashboard →Last Revisions → show all)
    • complete makeover so that the values are more understandable


  • :blue_star: BETA FEATURES
    • :warning: Features in the "Beta" state are completed & tested from a development perspective, but may still have bugs → this is to be determined through beta testing

    • :warning: Attention - every user of a beta released instance will get this option

    • Instances that are part of the beta user group can enable and disable each feature individually via profile settings:



  • :blue_star: BETA FEATURE: History for Objects & Rooms 
    • in the detailed view, the history (saved states at the time of a change) of an object or room can be displayed


    • The user can jump to a selected state
      • :warning: some data from previous states cannot be restored → e.g. deleted images, changed data due to changes in field settings, etc.





    • Event log display of deleted data records optimized



    🛠️ BUG FIXES


    • Import: Special characters in the column headers now no longer cause a problem in the preview


    • Individual report: output of all columns
      • there was a problem that caused user system fields (e.g. "updated by") not to be output in the Individual Report


    • User list: Filtering
      • there was a problem that users could not apply filters in the user list


    • Detailed view: missing images 
      • there was a problem that the images were not displayed in the detail view when a new customer instance was created