What's new: March 24, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features




  • :blue_star: Introduction of field type "Linked Objects" and inclusion of the feature in beta status :blue_star:

  • In the detailed view of the object list, the objects can be linked via dropdown 
  • you can search in the dropdown list for a scancode or a designation


  • In the list view, the number of linked objects is displayed as a number:


  • ⚠️ for the import this field type is currently not provided
  • ⚠️ objects cannot be linked to themselves



  • an error message/notice now appears if the allowed number of objects has been exceeded
    • appears when adding another object via object list
    • also appears when importing additional objects




  • Optimizations to the Profile Settings page
  • Optimizations to Infinite Scroll
  • Optimizations to the Double-Click Prevention




  • an error was fixed where the export was no longer possible
  • fixed a bug where the group names were displayed incorrectly in the "Replace values" field definition
    • instead of 'General data' → general_data
    • instead of 'Further documents' --> further-documents
    • instead of 'Further information' --> 'further_information
    • instead of 'Photos/ State' --> ' images_and_state'
  • Fixed an error where only the user's ID was displayed in the list view. Now the email address is displayed.