What's new: May 19, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features




  • :blue_star: [in progress] custom reports  :blue_star: 
    • expected completion: 15.06.2022
  • Rework on sorting in ACTUAL room and TARGET room
    • in the first step the rooms are sorted by location and in the second step the rooms are sorted alphabetically
  • Help & Support menu
    • the new menu item can be found under "Profile settings"
    • by clicking on this menu item you will be redirected to the support page of Itexia
    • the menu item replaces the chat bot
  • The following features have left the BETA status
    • Field type user (available in all licenses)
    • File export (Advanced and higher)
    • File export filter (from Premium, but in the next step also from Advanced)
    • Side info: the features role management, reminder field and observe inventories will be available in Advanced after the next sprint




  • Style adjustments in the "field definitions" area
    • for some field types the name did not fit into the box
  • Removed the chatbot



  • Highlighting the reminder field with a small bell icon