What's new: May 5, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features




  • :blue_star: Feature "Reminder :blue_star:
    • in the first stage of expansion, there is now a new field type "Reminder" with the same definitions as the "Date" field
    • the user can create this new field, e.g. with the name "Maintenance"
    • he sets the date to the day he wants to be reminded → precondition is that the object is observed
    • day X the user receives a notification in the message component of the software
      • 1:00 at night the reminder fields are checked on 
      • 2:00 a.m. an email is sent that there are new messages in the Itexia software
    • the feature that is already in the e-mail, which field is reminded, still follows 

  • :blue_star:Rework: "Observe Function" :blue_star:
    • it is now possible to tick several objects in the object list and to activate the observe function via the "more"-button and also to stop it again
    • you will no longer receive a notification if you have changed something in the object yourself
    • the admin user is not shown in the selection anymore
  • Rework: "role management"
    • there are now two default roles: Instance Admin and Default User
      • these roles cannot be deleted or edited
      • another role can be created and defined as default role (assigned to each new user)
    • it is now checked that no role with an already existing name is created
    • roles can now be deleted (except for the two system roles)
      • if there are users assigned to the roles, a notification will be displayed and the role will not be deleted for the time being
  • Link objects
    • the linked objects can now be opened in a new tab in the detail view via the link icon




  • instances in English language
    • Translations have been changed/updated/corrected
    • Link to the FAQ now also leads to the English page
  • Style adjustments in the areas
    • Detail view object (header)
    • System settings
    • Configure user rights
  • Field type USER
    • Admin removed in display
  • Filter
    • Filter for "deleted inventories" was not translated to english yet
  • Field "Target-room" and "Actual-room"
    • here the sorting was not user friendly, because locations appeared multiple times
    • it is now sorted by locations in the first step and then by room number
    • :warning: current situation:  after 10 rooms in a location, the next rooms are reloaded and if these still belong to the same location, said location appears again → will be fixed




  • fixed a bug where it was no longer possible to download backups
  • fixed bugs in the new frontend
    • wrong color in status
    • double display of the date field
    • it was not possible to select a date in the detail view because the display was in the background
    • description of the status "Active" was still in english
    • in the "User" section the columns were shifted on a large screen