What's new: October 28, 2021

Release Notes and Updates




:green_star: System Features

:blue_star: Beta Features 

:red_star: Hotfix




Date display


  • from now on today's date will be highlighted in all calendars



  • :blue_star: Duplicate objects (beta feature from Advanced Beta license upwards)
    • from now on objects can also be duplicated in the web app
    • copying values of an object into a new object, which has the same characteristics, saves you a lot of time because you don't have to enter everything again (e.g.: 10 identical meeting chairs, which should all get a scancode to keep track of the inventory)
    • go to the detailed view of the object you wish to copy
    • click on the copy icon in the upper right corner: 

    • when you click the copy-button, all data (except for the scancode and some system fields) will be copied to create the new object
    • :warning: the new object is created only after assigning a new scan code and pressing the "Update" button


  • Print view
    • from now on a cleaned print view for objects can be opened
    • Images are left out
    • depending on the browser & settings, the print preview of the browser may open directly as well
    • go to the detailed view of the object and click on the print icon in the upper right corner:




  • :blue_star: Bulk editing: Replace values (Beta feature from Advanced Beta license upwards)
  • From now on you can use the mass editing function "Replace values" for rooms as well
  • Go to 'Rooms' in the menu and select the room(s) where you wish to replace values via the checkmark on the left side
  • The dropdown field 'More' appears and you can select 'Replace values'. 




System settings

  • from now on the user admin (usually the first created customer user of an instance) can view the system settings and edit them if necessary
  • Name: will be displayed from now on for all users on the top right below the user name
  • Logo: will now be displayed for all users on the top right next to the user name, if the user has not created a profile picture
  • License: display of the current license
  • Language: the admin can view and edit the language here, :warning: only system components like buttons, menus etc. are translated, no field definitions.




  • Login / About
    • the link "Imprint" on english instances now refers to the english legal section of our website
  • Dashboard
    • "Locations" is now correctly called "Rooms"
  • Export
    • Filter
      • System fields are now displayed in translation
  • Backups
    • the default sorting is now from date + time in ascending order
  • :green_star: Performance optimization of the list views :green_star:





  • fixed a bug related to logged out users
  • :red_star: fixed a bug that made it possible to see the "Objects: Replace values" function only if the beta flag "Rooms: Replace values" was enabled
  • :red_star: fixed a bug that could prevent you from using the print function under certain circumstances
  • :red_star: fixed a bug that could prevent you from deleting rooms under certain circumstances