What's new: October 6, 2021

Release Notes and Updates




  • Previews of images can now be closed with the ESC key
  • Introduction of system language
    • from now on the language is managed at the instance
    • the language switcher in the profile settings has been removed → ⚠️ multilingualism within the instance is no longer possible for the time being
    • login & logout screen available in english, if the instance is set accordingly


  • Objects
    • a search bar can now also be integrated in the 'Link' field type
      • from now on fields of type 'Link' can also be included in the search bar under 'Field settings objects'
    • Linking to rooms introduced
      • from now on you can be redirected from the detail view directly to the filtered room list:


  • Import / Export
    • :blue_star: Filter in file export :blue_star: (Premium beta feature)
    • ⚠️ all customers who have a beta license from Premium upwards can activate this feature
    • ⚠️the Advanced-Beta-Feature "File-Export" must of course be activated as well
    • in step 4 authorized users can now use the filters from the object list
      • ⚠️Filters are user-specific, so you can only see your own filters here
        • ⚠️Exception: the export was created by another user with a user-specific filter

  • Field settings
    • from now on different check mechanisms are triggered when trying to delete a field
      • Has the field already been filled with data at an object or room? → Notification whether field should really be deleted:


      • Is the field part of an inventory filter? → Note, deletion possible, listing of affected filters, ⚠️filter is also deleted:


      • Is the field part of a mapping in an import template? → Note, deletion not possible, listing of affected templates:


      • Is the field part of a mapping in an export template? → Note, deletion not possible, listing of affected templates:






  • Import/ Export
    • the submenu item "Locations" has been renamed to "Rooms / Locations"


  • About Modal
    • accessible via click on 'ITEXIA' in upper right corner 
    • Addition of the link to the imprint





  • fixed a bug that caused new instances to be created with a permanent license
  • a bug was fixed that in certain circumstances did not save the change of the order and display of columns in the lists
  • fixed a bug that caused the list to load infinitely after canceling a mass editing function