How can I download or print my object list?

You would like to use your object list externally or need to print out data? No problem! We' ll show you how to do that here.


You would like to download your object list?

You have several options for downloading:


  1. You can download, reuse or print your filtered object list via the download function
    → 💡with this function you can also download images, ⚠️ but note that you do not download more than 6 columns for the download, so that the images are still well visible
    → we will show you here, how to do that

  2. You can download your object list via the export function
    → we will show you here, how to do that

  3. You would like to print a detail view of your objects?
    → Then you can do this via the detail view of the in your object list:
    → Navigate in the menu to 'IObjects' and open the detail view of the object what you wish to print out
    → Click on the print icon (images are not included)