I want to sell, lend or scrap my inventory. How can I reflect this in seventhings?

With the inventory manager, you can map the condition or future use of an object in addition to the desired information about the object, such as price, manufacturer, date of acquisition, etc.


There are no limits to the information you can display about your objects. Perhaps you would like to show that your object:

  • is to be sold,
  • can be lent out,
  • is to be scrapped? 

This is how you can proceed:


You create corresponding object fields that represent the topics mentioned above and assign them to a group of your objects.

Note: Here you can learn how to create new object fields.

And if you follow this link, you will get information about groups. 


In the following example, corresponding object fields have been created and assigned to the 'Attributes' group: 

    • Dropdown field 'Condition'
    • Yes/No field 'Available for internal lending'
    • Yes/No field 'Available for or external lending'
    • Text field 'Lent to'
    • Date field 'Lent until'
    • Appendix field 'Handover protocol'
    • Long text field 'Details of the condition'
  • In the detailed view of the objets, the fields in the 'Properties' group appear as follows: 

  • the drop-down box 'State' could have the following options: