What's new: 1.November, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



  • there is now a converter to convert files into a DIAMANT format
  • Second Life
    • the Second Life menu automatically detects the currency of the instance
    • the selling price can be updated by reselling the object
    • the Second Life menu only shows fields in the detailed view which are mantained
  • [in work] new frontend ULTRON



  • the admin account email address changed from admin@itexia.com to admin@seventhings.com
    • is only valid for new instances, existing instances will be updated on Thursday
  • Change of sender domain from no-reply@itexia.com to no-reply@seventhings.com
    • Note: It may be that the mails appear in the spam folder due to this change. If this is the case, please forward it to the company IT, which can change this setting
  • the field "Alternative barcode" has been hidden for the time being
  • the password requirement has been removed. An automatic password is now generated.




  • fixed a bug in the password reset form
  • fixed a bug where the list of rooms was not loaded if the list of rooms with permission for the user was empty
  • fixed a bug in the reminder script where the correct time zone was not used