What's new: 10. January, 2023

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



  • SAP Web Service
    • Is finished and will be rolled out
    • Insted of synchronizing all object, we now only synchronize object which were edited
    • Filtering in EventLog was extended by time period and full text search
    • Webservice is not automatically visible/usable for all customers but is activated separately
      • if you are interested, please contact your contact person at seventhings


  • it is now possible to make the ACTUAL room and TARGET room visible in the app and thus also editable (the ACTUAL and TARGET location as well).

Note: to use this function, a new app version is required (expected release iOS 2.8.0/Android 1.8.0 on Jan. 13, 2023).



  • fixed a bug where the default time zone was not set correctly
  • fixed a bug where the email for reminder fields was not sent
  • fixed a bug where the "Delete filter" button in the Access Permissions section was not translated to German 




  • [in progress] Research and documentation for Active Directory
    • already first users created and successfully logged in