What's new: 29.November, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



  •  SAP
    • Test with pilot customer on Nov. 23, 2022, further tests to follow
    • Necessary adjustments were made, including mapping to serial number, adjustment of summary message, etc.
    • further test with pilot customer on Nov. 28, 2022
  • Circularity Hub
    • objects are now categorized prior to sale
    • residual value calculation of IT inventories has been adjusted
    • buyer's billing address is mandatory to be requested before purchase
    • bug fixes:
      • fixed a bug where not all fields were displayed while scrolling in the mapping
      • fixed a bug where deleted objects were displayed in the Pre-Loved Shop
      • fixed a bug where english customers were shown a german preview of the email


  • Field definition
    • the field type "Dropdown" can now be included in the search bar. This allows searching for contents of the dropdown.
    • (in progress) field type "actual and target-rooms" can now be made visible on scanner → preliminary work for app development has been done
  • an additional date format has been implemented in the Export/Mapping section
  • Infinite scrolling in the Chrome browser has been improved
  • Pagination was switched on



  • fixed a bug with the import templates
  • fixed a bug where the preview images were not rotated
  • fixed a bug where dropdown values were not recognized
  • fixed a bug in CSV/Excel file downloads
  • missing translations in modals have been corrected
  • made text adjustments in the "Configure user rights" section
  • all sample data received a renaming from ITEXIA to seventhings
  • fixed a bug where the reminder email was supposedly not sent


  • [in progress] Research and documentation for Active Directory