What's new: 7. March, 2023

Release Notes and Updates




  • Circularity Hub
    • the field "Serial number" was added, as an optional CHub field
    • the legal warranty information has been added




Field definitions in a new design with user-friendly adjustments:

  • Clear layout of the field settings here e.g. in the dropdown field
  • Clear distinction between settings in the web app and the mobile app on the right-hand side
  • Possibility to set a possible value of the dropdown field as default value

  • the "mandatory field" as a displayed field, to see at a glance whether a field is a mandatory field or not
  • a prominent search bar to search for fields
  • a history button to track changes to field definitions


What else has been improved?


  • Azure Active Directory is ready and will be released on 09.03.2023
    • More information about Azure can be found here
  • "Customers refer customers" referral programme goes live! A banner is now displayed on the inventory page (1.500€ for referral)
  • Filters can now be confirmed with Enter
  • The field type "integer" now allows counting up and down in the detail view
  • The System Settings page has been revised
  • Pictures can now be closed via an "x" in the upper right corner
  • The dashboard now also shows the locations
  • There was a text adjustment on the login page (Itexia GmbH → ITEXIA GmbH)



  • Fixed a bug where an error message during import did not display the correct text