Invite people - Circularity Hub

Bring your employees or even externals to the Circularity Hub and offer them pre-loved company inventory.

In the Circularity Hub, people who do not yet have a seventhings account can also buy objects. 


Users who have Circularity Hub buyer-only access are not counted when selecting the license model. So invite as many people as you like as potential buyers to Circularity Hub.


That's how it works:

  • Make sure that the Pre-Loved Shop already has inventory available for purchase so that invited people can buy something directly. You can learn how to put inventory up for sale here.
  • Click on Circularity - Invite people in the ribbon.
  • Copy the registration link to the clipboard using the button.
  • Formulate an invitation message informing the invited people about the 
    Circularity Hub by allowing them to buy used company inventory at good prices.
  • Attach the registration link to the message
  • In the Invite people menu, activate the registration code if desired and include it in the message as well.

We recommend using the registration code. This allows you, as an admin, to control when the link should be disabled by changing the registration code. You also prevent random hits to the URL from leading to registration. 

  • Send the message including registration link and code to the people you want to invite via email, intranet or your preferred channels.

Registration of the invited persons

  • People who log in via the registration link will see the following input mask and will be created as a new user in the user menu
  • They will only be given permission to purchase inventory, so you will not see the inventory menu or rooms and locations. Your view looks like this: