"How to RFID"

We present you a guide on how to uses our RFID-test-kit and get an overview over the technology.


You have received your RFID-test-kit from us and are now ready to start! 
We have put together a guide for you here so that you are best prepared:


What do you receive from us?

  • RFID-scanner (model RFD8500)
  • RFID labels on metal and
  • RFID labels on furniture

Tip: more information about our labels can be found here.


How are mobile devices paired?

The scanners are paired with the respective smartphone via Bluetooth:

  • Turn on the RFID scanner
  • Now press and hold the Bluetooth symbol on the left side of the scanner. This should now flash blue evenly.

  • Navigate to the settings of your smartphone
  • Select "Bluetooth" and activate it
  • Find the RFID scanner in the list of available devices and select it:
    • iOS:
    • Android scanner:
    • (You don't need to allow the access to your contacts and call history)
  • As soon as a connection is established, the Bluetooth icon of the RFID scanner flashes blue quickly
  • Now press the fast blue flashing Bluetooth icon of the RFID scanner to confirm the pairing
  • a confirmation sound will confirm the connection
  • The Bluetooth icon should now be solid blue

How do you log in to the app?

  • First download the ITEXIA app from the app store.
  • Log in to the app. We show you how to do this here
  • for iOS: open the app and go to the settings menu "Advanced", external scanner "RFID".


  • Select "Bluetooth Scanner" and the RFID scanner that was previously connected via Bluetooth will be shown in the list and you can select it

  • for an android scanner: