On-Boarding - Steps 4-6

You have already completed the first steps. Now we go into the finalization.


Step 4: Create the users

Even though inventory is fun, you probably still don't need to do it alone. To do this, please send a list of users to be created to your Customer Success Manager in advance.

And here's how you can create them on your own.



Note: you only need to work through the following steps if you want to use our interfaces :) 

Step 5: Configure your interface.

If you want to import data from an external system to seventhings, first create a template for all further imports. If the files always look the same, you can then import new objects to seventhings again and again via the interface template.

If you are working with an accounting system to which we provide standard interfaces, these templates are usually already created for you in advance. However, please check the configuration again and check in with our customer management.

If not, you can also create you own import template.

Creating import templates for object lists: here


Step 6: Import your objects

Once you have configured the interface, you can easily import your data.

We have summarized all of this for you in a short tutorial on importing object lists:



The full list of our articles on how to "Import Objects"here