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In this article we have summarized all video tutorials for you.

Get an overview over the software:


The seventhings App 





The android tutorial video is currently in german with english subtitles. A full english version will be updated soon.

Further information on the seventhings App can be found here


 The Dashboard


You can finde more information here.


The Status


Click here for more information about the status.


All about Filter



Filter to process multiple objects at once:

You want to change the target location of all Apple devices in your objects list, as they should all be in the developers office. You don't have to search and select all the objects individually in your list, you can filter out the manufacturer "Apple", select all of them and use the "Replace values" function to change the target location to "Developers office".



Combine filters and display them on the dashboard

You always want to know directly how many of your IT objects still need to be checked because the status is not yet set to Okay? To do this, filter by both the status and the inventory group. You can then save the filter as a favorite and view its statistics on the dashboard. So when you open ITEXIA you always know how many of your IT objects still need to be checked.

More information can be found here , under the "Filters" category.


All about the Import of objects


All articles about Import and Export here.


Room- and location import


Here  you can find additional information about this topic.