What's new: September 6, 2022

Release Notes and Updates


Software & App Release:

In this release, both our web app and our mobile apps for iOS and Android have been updated. So make sure you update your App!



📱iOS: new version 2.5.0

📱Android: new version 1.5.0


Note: In the App and Playstore you can now find us under Seventhings, there you can also check if your app is up to date.

However, the app is still called ITEXIA until further notice and will also be displayed as ITEXIA on your homescreen.


:green_star: System-Features

:blue_star: Beta-Features



:blue_star: Permission module :blue_star:

  • Premium and Enterprise licenses users can now set access permissions for their users to rooms
  • The setting takes place directly on the user where another button has been added
  • Access permissions are set and saved to rooms
  • the Dashboard in the web app and statistics in the mobile app show only the number of inventories and rooms the user has access to
  • when scanning and/or manually searching inventories in the mobile app, a notice appears if it is an inventory to which the user does not have access.
  • Users of Basic and Advanced licenses will also see the additional button and have the possibility to click on it and reach our Customer Success Team via an info page and get information about an upsell.

You can find the article for this feature here.




  • Import/Export
    • the order of the fields in the mapping (import AND export) now correspond to the order in the field definitions
    • improvement of drag & drop in the export mapping area

  • Fields
    • removal of the option "mandatory field" in the field definition of "scancode"
    • fields of type "User" are no longer displayed as ID only in the print view for inventories, but as names instead
    • the "Create Field"-button in the customize fields section has been changed/adjusted a bit optically

  • Renaming
    • in the course of renaming the login screen was adjusted. The ITEXIA logo has been replaced by "seventhings"
  • Release new feature
    • the release of the feature "access permissions" also requires an update of the app. Users will be informed about this on the login screen
    • also all users will automatically receive a message in their message component ("New app version available!")
  • Message component
    • the number of messages is now also displayed




  • an error was fixed where combined key fields were not processed in the mapping. Fields were considered only individually.